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MERS' journey began with the convergence of deep sensation and confidence. This journey embodies the courage to lose oneself in the depths of emotions and embrace comfort. The enduring pursuit of allure  and freedom is born here.
Our brand embraces the importance of loving oneself and always being able to show it freely. When we live without barriers, every experience and emotion we seek finds us in the most beautiful way.
The value and care we show ourselves also reflect around us. Therefore, Mers focuses on enhancing the moments where we feel safest and most comfortable with home fashion and silk fabrics. Our message that guides us every day and serves as our source of inspiration is: "Beauty sleeps, beauty awakens." Our primary goal as MERS is to make you feel this message with the silk pieces in our collection.
Silk fabric is one of the highest quality fabrics used for centuries. The demand and sensitivity towards silk fabric have increased over time. By combining the most difficult woven fabric in the world, silk, with MERS designs, we aim to provide you with this comfort. You are invited to experience the true pleasure of silk with MERS.
Touching quality evokes a deep sense of confidence. Carefully selected silk fabrics are designed to always make you feel safe by internalizing the value of your skin. 
MERS' greatest passion is to spread the feeling of 'uniqueness' of silk to the whole world with high-quality and detailed designs. By supporting a long-lasting fashion understanding, we are here every season to provide you with luxury and comfort with limited and timeless pieces.